Crash Team Racing's Charts  

You can view the charts for any track of the game (course or lap), by clicking on the name of the track in the corresponding section of the table.

Course Lap
Crash Cove Crash Cove
Roo Tubes Roo Tubes
Tiger Temple Tiger Temple
Coco Park Coco Park
Mystery Caves Mystery Caves
Blizzard Bluff Blizzard Bluff
Sewer Speedway Sewer Speedway
Dingo Canyon Dingo Canyon
Papu Pyramid Papu Pyramid
Dragon Mines Dragon Mines
Polar Pass Polar Pass
Cortex Castle Cortex Castle
Tiny Arena Tiny Arena
Hot Air Skyway Hot Air Skyway
N.Gin Labs N.Gin Labs
Oxide Station Oxide Station
Slide Coliseum Slide Coliseum
Turbo Track Turbo Track
Course Totals Lap Totals

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